Mosaic Artists Angela Williams and Lynda Knott, have been making mosaics since 2011, independently as well as collaborating at their studio in Berkeley in the heart of Gloucestershire. They specialize in making mosaic artworks for homes, public spaces, schools and communities as well as teaching mosaic to all ages and levels through workshops and parties. 

Angela discovered her passion for mosaic after a career in graphic design and a degree in fine arts. She takes her inspiration from nature and especially the geometric abstract shapes and patterns of landscapes, trees, plants and flowers. She explores these architectural qualities by using different textures and perspectives.

After leaving a career in scientific research, Lynda has continued her love of experimentation with her use of unusual and recycled elements in her artwork, with a particular affinity for natural materials such as slate and copper. She takes her inspiration from science and nature, often led by the materials she is working with.

Angela and Lynda love everything about the mosaic process, the sketching and planning, the experimenting with materials and new techniques, the choice of andamento and colour, the frustration of nipping the perfect tesserae and yes, even the grouting!  They have attended numerous workshops and courses in both the UK and abroad and are professional members of BAMM (British Association for Modern Mosaic).
Mosaic Artists, Lynda Knott and Angela Williams.  TomatoJack Arts, Berkeley, Gloucestershire
And if you were curious as to why they are called TomatoJack...
'After a brainstorming session over a glass or two of wine we decided to combine the names of our children- Angela's are called Tom and Matt, giving you 'Tomato', whilst Lynda's boys are Jake and Zach resulting in 'Jack'!'
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